Welcome to Field Dailies

Streamline your productivity with the best software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications in the business.  Field Dailies delivers enterprise-grade security along with the availability and dependability you expect. Field Dailies provides simple and powerful field crew management solutions that connects your office and field crews, giving you tighter control over productivity, cash flow, and employees in the field.


Maximize Productivity & Reduce Waste

More than ever, companies are under tremendous pressure to do more with less. Field Dailies cloud software solution is highly affordable for organizations at all levels, and the benefits go far beyond cost savings. Field Dailies designs and develops cloud  applications that drastically reduce the high costs and inefficiencies of routing paper forms, collecting field reports, employee requests, and processing database-bound information.

  • Quickly convert legacy systems into smart database-driven applications.
  • Collaborate in real time using highly-secure interactive web applications.
  • Raise service standards and empower customers with solutions.
  • Cut overhead costs by streamlining process administration via the web.
  • “Green” your operations by avoiding IT and data center expansion.

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We have great news to share with you! We’ve expanded our Cloud Service Solutions with a new edition to our product portfolio. Introducing Box… Box is a simple, secure content-sharing and collaboration platform. Our mission is to make businesses more productive, competitive, and powerful by connecting people and their information. Box is a secure way to share content and improve collaboration for businesses of any size, on any device. Desktop, tablet or mobile. Technology should never limit the invention and productivity of enterprising minds, that is why Box is the preferred choice of 180,000 businesses and 20 million customers.


NATE encourages all eligible members to take part in this program and show continued dedication to tower climber safety. Open enrollment for the NATESTAR Initiative is held annually in late summer. July 1 through August 31 is the only time new enrollees may apply; current participants must re-apply at this time as well.